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High-quality and modern range of luminaires for any application.

As an independent supplier of high-quality lighting systems, we offer the entire spectrum of technical and architectural lighting. In doing so, we are not bound to specific manufacturers, not even to existing products. If required, we modify a suitable series model for you or develop an individual and custom-fit solution.

Our assortment

Efficiency, design, technology, quality of workmanship and light – our luminaire portfolio sets standards in many respects.

LED continuous row systems are mainly used to illuminate halls and warehouses because of their high energy efficiency. >

Different beam angles as well as high lumen packages allow any light point height and provide flexibility for mounting. >

Whenever planar light is required for homogeneous illumination, LED panels and universal luminaires from omoa are the best choice! >

Serve to visually accentuate and stage certain areas with the most modern and innovative technology. >

Downlights blend harmoniously into the building architecture and are used where precise illumination is important. >

With omoa spotlights and tracks, your products will always appear in the best possible light. >

Free-standing luminaires provide a high quality of light directly at the workplace, are easy to operate and guarantee maximum flexibility. >

The omoa refurbishment luminaires can be integrated into existing lighting systems without any significant changes. >

Specially developed for use in schools. The best learning atmosphere thanks to uniform illumination and low glare factor. >

Ball-proof luminaire with a focus on glare freedom, beam angle, energy efficiency and impact resistance. >

Luminaires for cleanrooms are tightly sealed and resistant to external influences to prevent contamination with particles. >

Outdoor luminaires impress with particularly robust, reliable, durable and powerful components. >

Damp-proof luminaires bring safe, efficient and corrosion-resistant light to car parks, warehouses and many other areas. >

UV-C frees the room air from germs and reduces the spread and transmission of infectious agents such as bacteria and viruses. >

omoa is the easiest way to a customised, energy-efficient and sustainable special luminaire for technology and architecture. >

Individual lighting advice from our experts

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